Thursday, December 29, 2011

Coordinating Tastes With Your Dorm Mate

Coordinating tastes with a college roommate can present many challenges and you may feel after speaking with them that their tastes and yours will add up to a decorating nightmare. Many people try to work along with their college roommate even before they meet face to face to try and create a pleasing living space for both parties while others create one living space that is designed in two different motifs. This can make for a chaotic living space and can also add up to many duplicate items in this small room.
It is ideal to attempt to coordinate your dorm stuff with your roommate from the outset to create some sort of cohesive living space. In order to do this you must first stop looking at the ways in which you and your roommate's tastes are different and start looking at those things which you have in common. Even if these items are small, like a single pattern or color scheme that is a fabulous place to begin with when shopping for dorm decor merchandise.
Naturally, creating an aesthetically pleasing environment doesn't mean that each of you has to forgo those things that you love or that bring out your individual style. It simply means that you have to have a common thread throughout the room that helps to bring all the dorm essentials together and make the entire room seem cohesive. It is even best to be certain that you don't make your college bedding items at least somewhat different. Matching exactly every item in the room won't permit for each of you to express your own style and instead picking a color of commonality will be a much better plan.
If you and your roommate don't live nearby to each other, the internet can be a wonderful resource to help you bounce ideas off of each other and to coordinate items that will look good together in the same room. Perhaps you will also want to order items from the same dorm supply company in order to make sure that the colors will coincide well with one another. Even just one common color can help to tie together different styles and personalities and create a nice, comfortable living space for both parties.
Working along with your roommate to create a college checklist will help you to save space by avoiding duplication as well as save money. Together you can create a room that is functional and has everything you both need without a lot of extra clutter that will simply get in your way.

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